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This open house was active from Oct. 1 - Nov. 8, 2019. Information on this website may no longer be current. Email us for more information.


The following programs could be implemented to encourage alternatives to driving alone by connecting to transit.  See what you think! Don't forget to Share Your Feedback.



Bike-sharing and scooter-sharing

This would be a pilot program allowing people to take short trips using a fleet of public or private bicycles or scooters, rented by the minute or hour.



These services allow people to rent a car for short-term use, rented by the minute, hour or day.


"Transportation demand management"

Transportation demand management

This involves programs that provide education, information, incentives and other resources to encourage alternatives to driving alone.

"On-demand shuttle"

On-demand shuttle programs

These services provide rides on demand and are typically for commuters. Routes are flexible (not fixed), and stops are allowed within a specific service zone.


"Employer Shuttle"

Employer shuttles

Some employers, such as Nike and Intel, offer employee shuttles to and from major transit stations and during primary commuting hours.

"Rural Shuttle"

Rural van share

These vans typically serve workers in rural areas, offering safe and affordable transportation options.